What does "good" look like?

Productive work environment


Teams are effective, focussed and committed to the business goals.

A productive work environment is one where the culture supports:

  • Motivated people doing meaningful work.
  • Staff are clear about what is expected.
  • Staff are rewarded fairly for the work they do.
  • Hours of work average no more than 45 to 50 per week through the season.
  • There are enough people in the team to ensure everyone gets regular rostered days off.
  • Rostered days off don't decrease over calving.
Benefits on farm
  • Things that need to happen do and they happen when they need to.
  • Business performance will be high and if a problem happens people will do what they have to to fix it.
  • Turnover will be lower and attracting new people will be easier.

Benefits in staff

In this environment people will:

  • Use their initiative.
  • Take ownership of what has to happen.
  • Be motivated to do a good job.
  • Tend to stay longer within the business.
  • Tell others what a good place it is to work.



Businesses with a productive work environment will achieve this through a specific focus on people management, including:

  • Having a people strategy that is linked to the business strategy.
  • People will be valued as an asset to the business and treated accordingly.
  • Providing terms and conditions and accommodation that are above average.


The business will be managed with people in mind, for example:

  • There is good communication.
  • People will feel valued.
  • People will have the opportunity to contribute and use their initiative at all levels.
  • The employer will always follow through on promises, i.e. do what they say they will.

  • Review the people strategic plan annually alongside the business plan review.
  • Involve staff in the review process, encourage them to voice their opinions and ideas.
  • Focus on how the business can improve its performance through, and with, its people.